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“The attention to detail in Toni’s work is exceptional! Toni came round to measure and photograph the car and evidently noticed many details particular to our 1949 Triumph Roadster. He then produced a superb model which was not any Triumph Roadster, but it was most definitely ours! It makes us smile every time we look at this unique and artistic masterclass of the Potter’s skill”. – John and Mandy Moulds, Stockport


“My husband asked Toni to make a ceramic model of my beloved Classic 1973 Mini Cooper as a surprise for Christmas.I am absolutely thrilled with the result. Toni took great pains to measure all aspects of the car and created an exact scale replica with such outstanding detail. Every aspect is reproduced on both the exterior – the classic Mini shape, mini like wheels, exterior trim and the interior fixtures and fittings. It has pride of place in our home and is a testament to Toni’s superb creative talent. Thank you Toni.” – Alison & Alan C – Cheshire


“When I approached Toni to commission a ceramic model of the vintage bus my father used to drive, I didn’t expect to be moved to tears upon seeing the finished product. Toni managed to capture not just the bus, but a piece of my family history, a touch of nostalgia that I can now keep forever. His work is personal, profound, and exceptionally beautiful.” – Rajiv S.


“As collectors of model vehicles, we’ve seen our fair share of impressive pieces, but none come close to the craftsmanship and detail of Toni’s work. The bespoke articulated truck he created for us is the highlight of our collection. The accuracy and care with which he approaches each commission are unparalleled. It’s clear that Toni doesn’t just create models; he breathes life into them.” – Louise and Derek M.


“Toni has a rare gift of turning memories into tangible art. The ceramic replica of our family’s fishing boat is more than just a display piece; it’s a symbol of our shared joys and the adventures that have brought us closer together. His ability to capture emotion and detail in ceramic is unmatched. We are beyond grateful for this beautiful addition to our home.” – Isabella G.